What we do.

At Owlseye Greenhouses & Gardens we value our customers. Your opinion matters most to us and we demonstrate this in a number of ways. We ensure that our plants are of the highest quality. We take customer requests and special orders. We use surveys to gather information about what you want to see in the greenhouse. We want your visit to be the first of many so we grow plants that we know you want to buy and we care for them in such a way as to make sure that they are healthy and hardy.

What we grow.

Owlseye Greenhouses & Gardens attempts to provide choice. In our first year, we offered a wide variety of annuals and starter vegetables. This year, we've expanded our products to include perennials, vines, trees, shrubs, succulents and herbs. Our annuals, vines and succulents are brought in as plugs and we grow them on in baskets, planters and containers. Our perennials, trees and shrubs are brought in ready for sale and we start our own vegetables and herbs from seed.

Who we are.

A passion for gardening - it's why we do what we do. Owlseye Greenhouses & Gardens is a family run business located in Owlseye, Alberta about 20 km north-west of St. Paul. The first part of our team consists of myself (Monique), my mother (Maria) and my father (Marc). We work directly with the plants putting combinations together in baskets and containers or simply seeding and transplanting. The second part of our team includes my husband (Dean) and father-in-law (Ernie) who ensure that we have everything we need to grow such as water, soil, heat, light and ventilation and keep everything running in top shape. Last-but-not-least is my children Matthieu, Faith and Xavier. Matt is my IT go-to as well as my planter assembler. Faith helps with transplanting and photography and Xavier does a little of everything. In our off season, we all spend hours in our own gardens and yards, growing vegetables and fruit for canning and preserves.